Political Science Graduate Student Association
Provides information about scholarships & fellowships, graduate student development events, professional opportunities, and skill building resources. 
Organizes events for student/faculty networking. 
Implements positive changes within the department to enhance academic activities and the scholarly environment. 
Hosts exciting graduate student events!

What’s New?
Kick off the holiday season at the Winter Wonderland Holiday Party on Wednesday, December 10 from 10AM-noon in the Grad Lounge.
Xavier Medina is the 2008-09 Student Representative!  
Add/update your bio on the department website!  Please e-mail your bio to Tom Hayes ASAP!
Visit the NEW & IMPROVED Graduate Lounge!  New features include:
STATA 9 available on all computers
Additional printing capacity
New decor

2008-09 Officers

Heather Conklin

Brian Williams

Mike Prather

Dino Bozonelos

Tom Hayes
Public Relations Director Welcome!
Got questions or suggestions?  Contact us at PSGSAinfo@gmail.com.

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The Political Science Graduate Student Association (PSGSA) provides a professional, unified voice for all UCR political science graduate students and works to enhance academic activities and the scholarly environment within the UCR political science department.